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Train your brain to get what you want

What we think about most we manifest.  What exactly does this mean?  It means that what we think about most is what we move towards as well as attract to us.  If we are constantly thinking we will fail, that becomes our goal.  Michael Dooley has a website devoted to this topic,  His trademark is “Thoughts become things….choose the good ones. “

Here is an exercise to try out: Don’t think of a pink elephant.  Really. Don’t think of a big, pink elephant.  You will notice that the more you try NOT to think about something, the more you actually do. Why is this? When our brain receives a command it first focuses on the action to be taken, in this case “think.”  It then focuses on the noun or person, place or thing.  Again in this case it was the word “elephant.”  From there it picks up descriptions such as “pink” or “big.”  The last word your brain registers  is “don’t.”

When you start thinking “Don’t have a panic attack on the highway!” Guess what most likely is going to happen?  You have inadvertently  instructed your brain to have a panic attack on the highway.  A fundamental skill race car drivers are taught is to focus on where they want to go, NOT what they fear.  So when they spin out of control, the driver’s initial tendency is to focus on the wall.  But if they keep focusing on the wall, that is where they will end up!  Drivers know that they go where they look .  This is true for hunter/jumpers in horseback riding.  Many years ago my trainer would tell me if I kept looking at the ground I was going to end up there.  You know what? She was right!

Here are a few suggestions to help you retrain your brain:

  • Resist focusing on your fear, have faith and focus on where you want to go.  Your actions will take you in that direction.
  • The best way to change your focus is to think about what you WANT.
  • We travel in the direction of our focus.
  • Focusing on the solution is always to your benefit.  Ask yourself “How will I accomplish this goal?” Your subconscious will begin to find solutions to your problem.
  • When you find yourself or others telling you to NOT do something.  Turn the instruction around to a command to DO the opposite.  Find the replacement action.

Keep in mind, that when you change your focus you often won’t immediately change direction.  There will be a lag time between when you redirect your focus and when your body and experience catch up.  Be patient.